Shoalhaven post-Referendum group – Our second meeting! (Sun 18th Feb 3pm-5pm)


Shoalhaven post-Referendum group

Our second meeting! 

Date: Sunday, 18 February 2024 

Time: 3 pm – 5 pm 

Place: El Horses, 22 Berry St, Nowra (Entrance on Egans Lane) 

Invitees: All people who want to continue to work towards achieving fairness and  justice for First Nations people in the Shoalhaven, including: Imperfect Allies  of Berry, Kangaroo Valley Reconciliation Allies, SAY 23 members, Milton Ulladulla District (MUD) for Yes members, Kiama allies, and Waminda Staff 

Registration: Not required, but please sign the attendance register on arrival Purpose:

1. To discuss how to wind up SAY23 now that the Referendum is over 

2. To discuss what kind of organisation/s we want to create to follow it,  including its/their purpose, name, geographical coverage and whether to  incorporate? 


On 28 November 2023, we held a Shoalhaven post- Referendum debrief and  Refocus Workshop in Berry. We decided that we wanted to keep the momentum from the Referendum Yes campaign going. We are now in a  transition phase where we need to wind up the old SAY 23 group and work  out what will replace it.  Also, Five Working Groups were formed at the Berry meeting. This workshop  today is a chance to hear what those groups have been doing, and what they  have planned. Please feel free to sign up to one or more of the groups! 

Preparatory reading materials ATTACHED: 

0. Shoalhaven Alliance for Yes23 Wind Up Discussion – Raul Arregui, Ev Pettigrew (SAY23)

1. Objects and Purposes (discussion draft) – Georgie Lowe (MUD)

2. What’s in a name? – Ev Pettigrew (SAY23)

3. Pros and cons of incorporating – Lisa Ogle (SAY23)

Further info: 

1. Raul Arregui, Volunteer Coordinator, SAY23, [email protected] 0418 273 504 

2. Ev Pettigrew, Volunteer Coordinator, SAY23, [email protected],  0427 434 499

Agenda (PDF version)

Chairperson: Megan Pikett (SAY 23) 

Appointment of: 

1. Minutes recorder:  

2. Timekeeper:



Led by 



Welcome to Country

Uncle Gerry Moore (Yuin)


Winding up SAY 23 

Raul Arregui 

Mary Duvollet 

Ev Pettigrew

Bank account 



What should our Post-Referendum group look like?


Building relationships with the Aboriginal  community

Uncle Gerry Moore

Mitch Lasker (Yuin/Budawang with Dharug connections)

Megan Pikett

How to ensure we are consulting appropriately with and listening to the local Aboriginal community? 

Finding better ways to work  together


Objects and purposes 

Georgie Lowe 

What should be our group’s objects and purposes?


Name of new  


Ev Pettigrew 

Brainstorming ideas for a new  name


Incorporate or not? 

Lisa Ogle 

What are the pros and cons of  incorporation?


Report back from  

Working Group  


(5 mins each)


Judy Panucci 


Olivia di Pietro 


Update Report

Megan Pikett  

Jill Bundey

History research group

Update Report

Georgie Lowe 

Significant dates

Sarah Waddell 

Signage and sculpture

Update Report

Presentation (Slides)


Closing remarks 

Megan Pikett 

Next meeting:  

24 March 2024, 3 – 5 pm