Today: Referendum Bill passes Parliament

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There’s been a lot of talk from politicians this year about a Voice to parliament. 

They’ve had their say. They always do. But now the decision is up to us. It’s with all Australians.

Now that the Referendum Bill has passed through Parliament, I'm sure you have people asking “how should we vote in this year's referendum?”

It’s important to remember, this is not about politics.

It’s about real life for us, real people. 

This is to make a better life for my family, for my community. A better future for our kids.

Together we now have a chance to recognise and respect First Nations people, knowledge and culture. 

Now we take a step away from the political discussions, and start bringing the heart of these conversations to the hands of the community. 

We’d like to invite you to join the conversation. Can you make our nationwide events happening on July 2nd, Come Together for Yes?

Will you join us? Come Together for Yes

We also need to spread the word and start thousands of conversations in communities across Australia. Can you chip in to help power our work? 

Chip in for YES! Make a donation today!

Hear what we have to say. Join the conversation. By voting yes, we can move together as a country towards a better future.

Dean Parkin
Campaign Director, Yes23

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