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I am writing to share with you Towards Truth, a ground-breaking website showing how laws and policies have impacted First Nations people since 1788.   

Towards Truth is the product of years of work by PIAC in partnership with the Indigenous Law Centre UNSW, and with extraordinary pro bono support.

The project invites us to reckon with our past and understand the deliberate, systematic choices that robbed so many First Nations people of their land, families and culture.

It is confronting to see, in forensic detail, how decisions of our Parliaments and Governments dispossessed and disempowered First Nations people.

It’s also a nuanced story. In her recent Sydney Morning Herald feature,

Caitlin Fitzsimmons observed: ‘It’s easy to write off policies of oppression and dispossession as the product of a less enlightened time. But Towards Truth makes it clear that these policies were hotly contested at the time, and there were contemporary voices of dissent all along.’

One of the exceptional First Nations lawyers who has worked with us on the project, Kishaya Delaney, spoke beautifully to Fitzsimmons. Kishaya believes the project will prove ‘cathartic and healing’ for First Nations people.
‘Having evidence of something that actually happened, that can be proven, can give people something to connect the dots with their own memories and experiences’, she says.

As we head towards an historic referendum, Towards Truth provides compelling proof of why governments must hear the voices of First Nations people when making decisions that affect First Nations communities.

You can find out more about Towards Truth in this two-minute video, or watch the launch event to hear from Professor Megan Davis how Towards Truth responds to the Uluru Statement from the Heart and its call for Truth.

I hope you will take the time to explore Towards Truth and be part of this reckoning with our past.

Best wishes

Jonathon Hunyor

CEO, Public Interest Advocacy Centre

“Every day I look at laws that were made about Aboriginal people without Indigenous input, and the negative impacts of that. So I guess every day, I’m seeing a case for a Voice to parliament.”

Sally Treverton

Anaiwan Biripi woman

Towards Truth Legal Research Officer

'What an important piece of work – a real game changer. What will shock many is that the impacts continue to be so current…too many assume colonisation is part of history and don’t acknowledge its destruction in the present.”

Rachel Kerry
Executive Officer
Cages Foundation

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