SAY23 DAY OF ACTION Tue 1st Aug – Bomaderry Train Station and Stewart Place Nowroa

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DAY OF ACTION 1ST AUG 7:45AM – 9AM at Bomaderry Train Station and Stewart Place Nowra
We had a great morning yesterday at our Day of Action. Megan reported at the meeting last night that Bomaderry had between 25 and 30 attendees from SAY23 or our partners; and in Nowra we had about 20 including the children ( who were dressed up in YES t-shirts and holding signs with all of us! ). Most interactions were positive, with perhaps a few exceptions. The team was pumped, especially the one at Nowra, dancing and cheering to our new YES playlist !! Bomaderry had a lot of commuters, while Nowra was almost empty (even the car park that's normally full at 9am was empty). Anyway, we were visible in both locations, and pictures sent to me or uploaded to social media and tagged #yes23 are being collected by the YES Alliance team to be used. Well done everyone!


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