THE CONSTITUTION Book Scooting Dance – How about it SAY23?

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Hello SAY23 group:
We have been “challenged” by another strong YES supporter group,, the GOOD TO GREAT SCHOOLS AUSTRALIA SUPPORT group from Cairns, QLD (W: / E: [email protected]) to join them and other YES groups to perform THE CONSTITUTION boot scootin dance, record it and blast it in social media. 
If I was there, I'd be the first to jump on this (I love to dance) but I hope someone in the group might accept to take the challenge, get a group of SAY23 dancers together, and go for it. Perhaps it could be another addition to our popular Busking Stall by Aaron Strickland in Bomaderry. How about it guys?
Details below and dance tutorial video attached.
Hugs to everyone from Argentina! Just 18 days to Sat 14th Oct !!!


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