Shoalhaven Post-Referendum Debrief and Refocus Workshop


This is an initiative coming out of the recent Cultural Immersion and Decolonisation Workshop run by Waminda on 31 October 2023, and on previous occasions. The Imperfect Allies of Berry have initiated this workshop. Indigenous colleagues are warmly invited to attend but without any pressure or expectation for them to do so. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will make clear what the next steps should be in the struggle for justice, and we will wait for that. In the meantime, we should not put the whole burden on their shoulders for healing and action, so we are coming together to look at what we can do now to build on the momentum created during the Referendum campaign.


  • An opportunity to share grief, begin healing and respond with action
  • To review the results of the Referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and consider the implications for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and
  • To develop a post-Referendum action plan which continues the fight for recognition and justice for Indigenous Australians in the Shoalhaven area.

Please come along with your best ideas for taking practical action to support Indigenous Australians in the Shoalhaven.


  • Imperfect Allies of Berry, SAY 23 members, Waminda Staff

Preparatory materials:


Documentation from the Workshop:


Sunday 26 November 2023 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM (UTC+11)


Berry Uniting Church Hall
71-77 Albert St, Berry NSW 2535