Shoalhaven post-Referendum – New Group Establishment Meeting (Sun 24th Mar 3pm-5pm)


Shoalhaven post-Referendum group

New Group Establishment Meeting

Date: Sunday, 24 March 2024

Time: 3 pm – 5 pm

Please join us afterwards for celebratory drinks overlooking the River!

Place: Nowra Showground Halls, Committee Room

Invitees:       All people who want to continue to work towards achieving fairness and justice for First Nations people in the Shoalhaven, including: Imperfect Allies of Berry, Reconciliation Allies Kangaroo Valley, SAY 23 members, Walking Together in the MUD members, and Waminda Staff

Registration: Not required, but please sign the attendance register on arrival

Purpose:       1. To announce and confirm the name of the new group

2. To adopt the motions needed to create our new group

3. To hear about the recent activities of the Working Groups

Background: On 28 November 2023, we held a Shoalhaven post-Referendum debrief and Refocus Workshop in Berry.  We decided that we wanted to keep the momentum from the Referendum Yes campaign going. On 18 February 2024, we met at El Horses and decided to wind up the old SAY 23 group and replace it with a new group. 

Also, Five Working Groups were formed at the Berry meeting.  This workshop is a chance to hear what those groups have been doing, and what they have planned.  Please feel free to sign up to one or more of the groups!

Proposed motions:

1.      That the group be called [insert name of group] Inc.

2.      That Lisa Ogle be appointed as the first Public Officer of the Association.

3.      That the following five people be permitted to authorise the Public Officer of the Association, Lisa Ogle, to apply to NSW Fair Trading to register [insert name of group] as an incorporated association: Lisa Ogle, Mitchell Lasker, Georgie Lowe, Megan Pikett, Sarah Waddell.

4.      That the draft constitution for [insert name of group] Inc. be submitted to NSW Fair Trading for registration.

Further information:  


Raul Arregui

[email protected]

0418 273 504

Lisa Ogle

[email protected]

0409 231 999

Georgie Lowe

[email protected]

0400 641 668

Megan Pikett

[email protected]

0403 345 336

Agenda and pre-meeting reading material


Chairperson: Megan Pikett

Appointment of:

1.      Minutes recorder: ___________________         2. Time keeper:­­­­­­­­­____________________





Led by



Acknowledgment of Country







Megan Pikett


Where have we been and where are we going?


Announcement of name of new group


Raul Arregui

Announcement of the results of the online survey to choose a name


Overview of new group structure

Lisa Ogle

Explanation of the process for incorporation: application, constitution, membership, Public Officer and insurance – questions?


Protocols for community consultation with local Aboriginal community


Georgie Lowe (Walking Together in the MUD)

Discussion on how to ensure consultation and engagement with the local Aboriginal community


Call for expressions of interest to nominate for the committee

Raul Arregui

This is just an informal process to find out who might be interested? Formal nominations for office-bearers will be sought after we are incorporated



What funding do we need to set up the new group?

Lisa Ogle


Likely costs: registration, insurance

Some donations already received

to establish a “kitty” to pay for these expenses



Vote on motions

Megan Pikett


See proposed motions on other page


Highlights of new activities from Working Group


Co-convenors of Working Groups

An update on some of the exciting initiatives that are happening in our area!


Other business


Raul Arregui

Questions/issues raised from the floor


End meeting



Please bring a folding chair and join us for a celebratory

drink afterwards, overlooking the Shoalhaven River at sunset!

Minutes and documents presented at the meeting